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Msg  17699 of 18113  at  5/20/2023 10:48:28 AM  by


A Change in Government in 2024

Im of the opinion a change in government in the US in 2024 will spark the economy not only in the US but world wide.
What happens in the US has wide ranging impacts world wide. The major world economies will attempt to prevent climate change (which is a natural event in my opinion, and is controlled mostly by fluctuations in the ebbing of the sun). Regardless the belief is electric cars will save us all. Silly really cause they will have to have energy to charge them and even the infrastructure is not capable of doing so. Barring a completely new energy source, the demand for copper is going to skyrocket. The effects will be dramatic and soon. $5 copper will be common place.
Hopefully ETG is still around for the next couple years cause the shares will be worth a lot more than they are today.
I consider them as money in the bank.
Existing copper mines are getting deeper and grades are dropping. It is only a matter of time and it will not be long.

Western Canada's existing forest fires have put more pollution into the air then 20 yers of car driving world wide. With El Nino heating up the Pacific we will likely have a very mild or non existent winter in Western Canada this year. Unfortunately there will not be any bumper crops if this continues. Folks may start to get hungry.

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