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Re: Pebble

Oh, let a decade or so go by, the push for EVs and banning of gas cars gobbling up copper, the copper price really climbing, they will repackage Pebble somehow, some day.

But yeah, after Theissen and Collier got caught on tape exposing the politicking they were doing behind closed doors, they self-immolated and the Army Corps Of Engineers obliged their bragging (which was probably half bluster) by refusing their critical building permit. Dead project.

But it isnt zero-resurrection dead, its cryogenic suspended animation. Raise the temperature of the North Pacific a few degrees and the salmon will probably get ousted by mackerel anyway. Then copper and climate change will be more immediate problems. Yah just never know. Maybe some dry process mining and cleaner extraction technologies will change the landscape..

I had some Northern Dynasty years ago, then realized the environmentalists had found powerful, funded friends in the salmon business, and Pebble wasnt going forward any time soon. Happily bailed out.

A mostly inert desert that has access to water is the ideal spot for a big copper mine - Nevada, Chile, Peru ... and the South Gobi. Until some more modern, cleaner mining and milling techniques get developed. Never is a long time.

TRQ and ETG showing little signs of trading more actively ... all quiet on the UB front, no sabre rattling, very good for prospects of a grand compact to get OT rocking.

cg Ready to talk turkey

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