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Some Fed Up Shareholders

While the ridiculously and unnecessarily prolonged negotiations over the ownership and management of future cashflows from OT continue, more shareholders are getting fed up with dead money here.

Gold and silver stocks, which will have the attention of many of the same speculators who take an interest in TRQ/ETG are rocketing. Of course OT has a vast gold resource, but no Eric Sprott or other gold bugs touting its downstream cash potential.

So grinding pressure on the bid.

Longer term - it is probably a major transaction/announcement that will light up here, but very frustrating having a seemingly dead play here. Patience of a true stoic required.

Now I have often puzzled, mulled, revisited the questions as to why, given the seemingly nominal market cap of ETG in comparison to the size of OT, it couldn’t have been bought out for what would be a very small price to secure the key licences for expansion, HNE and Heruga in particular, which could be monetized more quickly than current mining plans indicate.

And the answer I keep coming up with is because the market cap is not indicative of true value, not even close, and there is much more value to be revealed - extension of HNE along strike and at depth, but also some other target that has a potentially big value driver for OT. Otherwise, why hang around for so long? So I will have to find other cash to dump into hot gold and silver plays while I maintain my huge copper/gold bet here ... the unloved zombie bonanza in the Gobi. And to think our resources are part of a mine plan with billions in infrastructure invested, going full steam ahead at this stage, and hot drill plays that are far from even proving economic feasibility are just crushing our market cap. Heruga alone in another jurisdiction, away from the Byzantine machinations of the Mongolians and Rio Tinto, would give us a market cap of $100 million at the very least.

Big deep breaths. Patience.


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