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Re: Dumb

I still think ETG fate is controlled by RIO, the back room boyz have had a plan all along and they modify it as the situation on the ground with Gov of M, TRQ, global markets and global economies change. 
I think the only thing that is certain is that RIO has never cared about ETG minority interests. They have controlled directors/mgmt for many yrs.
Our best hope remains having RIO use ETG as a vehicle to bring a large financial or mining partner to OT, it's too big for one major, the partner buys out ETG, pays RIO a bunch and pays Gov of M a bunch. The minority rides RIO coattails for a fair payout because RIO will get as fair payout for themselves.
IF RIO end game is to buyout ETG they will do everything possible to pay as little as possible. Sandstrom may get a sweet streaming deal to make them accept a lower ETG valuation. And we don't actually know who controls a lot of the other large chunks of ETG, they can probably also get side deals to sweeten the pot for them.
RIO has an obligation to their own shareholders to buy cheap and sell expensive. We need to hope we're aligned with what RIO is doing with their ETG shares instead of hoping RIO will buy our ETG shares.
The amazing potential of ETG ground won't be part of the formula, they'll be focused more on what the ETG share price has been for many yrs and they'll tack on a premium to make the regulators happy.
 But maybe I'm wrong, I usually am!! My gold stocks are moving nicely, next few yrs could be good for gold. RIO removed GOLD from Entree name, we wouldn't want anyone thinking ETG had anything to do with GOLD when GOLD could become more important than the copper for ETG!! Hig gold credits could change a lot including the timing of production on ETG ground and new exploration on ETG ground.

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