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What was it Barry used to say .... ?

Ya gotta luv it!

From today’s news in the Globe & Blather:

Story # 1

“Almost 800,000 bored Americans have opened online trading accounts in what Business Insider’s Linette Lopez describes as ‘a perfect storm of stupid.’”

From Trumptopia’s Fake News Headquarters:

“Wine sales, which are already the most valuable in US alcohol retail, were flat compared to the last week of April, but were also up 35.8% compared to 2019. Beer and cider sales, meanwhile, have rose 28.1% compared to last year. Beer sales specifically were up 18.6% on last year, and rose 5.7% compared to last week.

Analysts also found that, overall, people in the US have been spending more on alcohol than they had when they were buying it last year. This is because retailers aren’t offering as many deals and promotions on products in-store. In the last six weeks, the percentage of category volume sold on promotion fell sharply from year ago levels. Wine promotion sales fell 8%, while beer promotion sales fell further by 15%.

Over the past nine weeks, total alcohol sales in US supermarkets have risen by more than a quarter (25.5%) compared to the same time frame in 2019. Wine sales are up 30.1%, and spirits have risen by just over 34%. Beer sales have lagged behind, rising 12.6% in the nine weeks to 2 May.”

Burp. I’m feeling lucky, let’s buy me some stocks! Momma needs some new face masks!


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