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Re: Any News on Pentwater actions

That little paragraph I posted In my previous post suggests funds will be raised as needed In a shareholder friendly manner....THATS BIG AND SO WAS THE DISCLOSURE!
Could mitigate the need for a rollback altogether?? 
I'm thinking possibly an agreement In principle prior to the Mongo election of a special royalty swap for the GOM current 34% Interest. That would look good on the GOM heading Into the election.
Based on the election etc etc they put It all to a vote at the July AGM/EGM?
I'm assuming a reworked ETG deal would potentially be part of a reworked arrangement?
That would result In a much much higher SP for TRQ prior to the AGM which Is an obvious positive for the BOD of TRQ.
Somethings up IMO.
I know hope Is not a plan but I gotta stay positive because the upside here Is tremendous
If a win win win can be achieved amongst the parties.

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