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Msg  12673 of 12947  at  2/18/2020 11:07:15 AM  by


 In response to msg 12672 by  marpincan
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Re: Power plant

I know somebody who will love the fact it will burn beeeutiful black coal.

This Covid19 disruption may give us another kick in the teeth. Supply chain disruptions out of China beginning to be felt globally. Tried to buy an N95 mask or hand sanitizer lately?

It will pass, though. Central banks ready to fill the dumpster with gas and throw in a match. More asset valuation distortions coming. I’m starting to lean towards the unhappy resolution way of thinking on epic bubble collapses followed by an abyss of deflation ... got gold? Speaking of which somehow I get the impression because OT has always been talked about as a copper mine, the fact at low CU and high gold prices it is more of a potential gold mine with some copper credits seems to get overlooked. But not by our friend fishing for the mother of all gold streams, Nolan Watson.

So it wasn’t a zombie apocalypse I should have been prepping for. It was a bunch of people with fatal pneumonia clogging up the system. That Westerdam fiasco in Cambodia is a bit concerning ... it will be a couple of weeks before we find out if they let the coughing tigers escape the zoo. Those people scattered and who knows who they coughed on, etc.,. etc.,. This no symptom transmission must be a bit of a puzzle for the public health authorities.

In happier news, the Delusional Industrial Average just chugs along happy as a clam so far. If I was thinking straight I might sell some of my blue chippers to cover cash needs for the next year or so ... hmmm?

Good luck, Pilgrims. On ETG I’m handcuffed into the cockpit of my Zero fighter looking like Mike Reno and yelling Banzai!


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12674 Re: Power plant ..CG Jackboots 2 2/18/2020 11:40:52 AM

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