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Re: ncu

I think you may have me mistaken with someone else!
Entree once upon a time acquired a property called the "Ann Mason Project lands" 
Do you recall that Steve?
The success of NCU-Pumpkin Hollow was Incessantly discussed by previous Individuals on ETG's BOD In Interviews as a critical component to the overall success of Ann Mason- Yerington mining district. It was at that point that I and a handful of others publicly AND privately discussed a potential consolidation of the two projects.
THAT all began back In June of 2010 when NCU was trading In the  $2.10 - $2.50 range.
So myself and others had been occasionally posting our thoughts-machinations on some sort of potential arrangement between the two companies for literally years.
Eventually It became obvious nothing of the sort would take place so I continued to follow NCU's progress waiting for what I perceived as a good time to get positioned In the company. Now sitting with 400,000 shares at an average of 33 cents.
My mention of NCU from time to time today and what I share(d) In terms of buying NCU's stock should be taken as nothing more than left over conversation from a time where NCU appeared to be extremely  relevant to the ETG puzzle, per ETG Management.
I have nothing more to say on this ridiculous accusation-matter, read their technical reports - corporate presentations or whatever you like.
attempt to sell (something), typically by pestering people in an aggressive or bold manner. 
You have to be kidding me Steve!

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