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mydogbone post from stockhouse


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DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK THAT RIO TINTO IS GOING TO LET GO HERE? SHAKE OFF THESE LAST FEW DAYS AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY.(with some advise) Even if these last reports bring on the TAKE OUT... that I'm waiting for, IT'S A LEAST A DOUBLE FROM HERE> IMHO the STOCK IS NOW UP FOR RIO TO TAKE THEIR BABY HOME SOON....The RIO TINTO STOCK IS HOLDING UP JUST FINE, and if there was remotely a problem here, their stock would also be falling down... So, hang tight grasshoppers, and pick your price points wisely....I'm looking at the news releases from down under, and, if lawsuits are coming, the Goldman guy would be involved... I've always owned both RIO and TRQ since I first arrived on this board, and paired it up these past three and a half years...selling off profits on both...Again, I ask most here to seek some financial advise. As I have been retired these past five years from finance, I've noticed that not too many here are doing that...seeking some professional advise.


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