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Re: recent Nolan Watson comments

one reference to a recent find in Mongolia? (quote from fruitval3067)..."1:04.00 - 1:06:00 mark. My take on this comment is not so much that there was a fantastic drill hole but more about the timeline issue. But you never know. "

MRPANCAKE...PODCAST HOST ASKS..IF Watson would like to answer a question knowone ever asked... he answers yes about advanced exploration assets... basically those assets are doing well long-term ie talks of great results in Mongolia I think he was refering to previous Mongolia finds not anything current just my thinking on that. If it was a current find it would have been made public by ETG itself or TRQ or KCC for that matter.

1:13 min in which company would you invest in? ..... Watson answers... "no brainer" Turchoise Hill- Mrpancake well thats new for him?

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