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33889 Form 4...Looks like John K Scott funded the $5mm preferred at no transaction costs (usually around 2% or $.10 share common) to Navidea GN moneyonomics 1 3/4/2021 12:59:38 PM
33888 Re: Where's the Jubilant Deal?? GN LotBMan 1 3/4/2021 11:01:46 AM
33887 Where's the Jubilant Deal?? GN LVoptimist 1 3/4/2021 9:27:11 AM
33886 MGH, Steven Grinspoon of HMS, officially reports completion of 9 participant CVD study on "Application of IV 99mTc-tilmanocept for Imaging of Macrophage-specific Inflammation in HIV"..No results posted..JL noted to meet with FDA on next trial phase GN moneyonomics 5 3/3/2021 8:41:53 PM
33885 Newest Board Malcolm K. Witter buys another 15k open market shares now at 25.5k direct shares plus director shares...along with JKS $5mm preferred for unregistered common... for those who think deep.. very encouraging signals....!!! GN moneyonomics 3 3/3/2021 6:06:18 PM
33884 Latkin = ZERO Credibility...eom GN LVoptimist 3 3/3/2021 2:57:14 PM
33883 Finally published in Pediatric Journal March 2021. Results of a prospective, open-label trial evaluating 99mTc-Tilmanocept in SLNB in pediatric patients with solid tumors... GN moneyonomics 3 3/2/2021 8:31:11 PM
33882 Navidea Biopharmaceuticals to Present at the H.C. Wainwright Global Life Sciences Virtual Conference GN StockVestor99 3 3/2/2021 4:59:31 PM
33881 Texas to open to 100%.. finally a catalyst that will be heard around the world GN moneyonomics 3 3/2/2021 3:45:15 PM
33880 Re: Accelerating Therapeutics☆☆☆....Thank you John K Scott Jr. Solid person and family!!.. GN co3aii 2 3/2/2021 3:00:49 PM
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