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Re: 2 dollars in 2 days

OK, well, how about this. :)

On his way home from feeding the deer and turkeys up on family land, my brother found a lost and half alive domestic chicken (many miles from the nearest farms) in a snowbank by the side of the road. Can't imagine how it got there, but in case you haven't seen the weather channel lately, it's sub zero weather with wind of 20 mph, not fit for man nor beast. So he stopped his truck, picked the bird up, got back in, put it under his arm, in his coat, and took it home. Has been thawing it out by the wood stove, and fed it a bunch of bird seeds. Hungry critter. It's been drinking water, and starting to look alive... But its feet were totally frozen. Figure it will be a friend to his wife's cocker spaniel in a day or two and he'll have to build a pen for it... Now that it's a part of the family, roasting it is completely out of the question. :)

Might be good to let Carl Icahn know that things are getting back to what might be regarded as normal in Elanville. :)


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