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The Chicken; final chapter

Wanted all of you who have followed the chicken saga to know that my brother's almost famous rescue chicken died February 23, 2015. My brother told me that when they opened the gate to her crate that morning to let her out that she got up, started to walk around like usual, then just keeled over and died. She didn't seem to suffer at all and didn't look like she had been in any distress. In general, other than for her condition when they got her and the awful dog bite incident of Memorial Day, 2013 she was about as lucky a chicken as they come. As far as they knew, she was probably 7 or 8 years old. As you recall, they found her almost frozen to death in a freshly plowed snowbank along a road in sub zero weather at the end of January of 2008. Her frozen legs were never quite right, but she got around OK and was able to scratch around and peck at things like they do. They had her for just over 7 years.

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