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Did I just coin a phrase?

Not saying I did or I didn't, but the concept I, tongue-in-cheek, called "generative social intelligence" occurred to me when putting together our silly Musk v. Zuck poll. Running a social media platform for so many years and then getting caught up in the excitement of generative AI, it dawned on me that asking a social networking audience, like the one we have here at IV, to predict an outcome via a poll is essentially the social equivalent of generative AI. Large Language Models like ChatGPT are designed to predict the next word, phrase, concept or more (much more) at mind-boggling speed and scale in response to the user's prompt. And a poll of a social media audience that asks participants to predict an outcome is similar in nature (if nowhere near as fast!).  

Out of curiosity I asked ChatGPT the following questions, just to get a sense of how likely it was that I coined the phrase "generative social intelligence." 

Here's the exchange: 

give me all the synonyms you can find for the phrase "wisdom of crowds"

Certainly! Here are several synonyms for the phrase "wisdom of crowds":

  1. Collective intelligence
  2. Crowd intelligence
  3. Group intelligence
  4. Collaborative wisdom
  5. Aggregate wisdom
  6. Mass intelligence
  7. Crowd's wisdom
  8. Collective knowledge
  9. Group thinking
  10. Collaborative decision-making

Please note that while these phrases capture similar concepts to the "wisdom of crowds," each may have slightly different nuances or implications.

are you familiar with the term "generative social intelligence"?

As an AI language model, I can provide information on the term "generative social intelligence." However, it's worth noting that my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, so if this term has emerged or evolved since then, I may not be aware of the latest developments.

As of my knowledge cutoff, "generative social intelligence" is not a widely recognized or commonly used term. However, it appears to be a combination of two concepts: "generative intelligence" and "social intelligence."

"Generative intelligence" refers to the ability to create or generate new knowledge, ideas, or solutions. It involves the capacity to think creatively, come up with original insights, and produce novel outputs.

"Social intelligence" refers to the capacity to understand, interact with, and navigate social situations effectively. It involves skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and the ability to perceive and respond to social cues.

Combining these two concepts, "generative social intelligence" could potentially refer to the ability to creatively and effectively interact with others in social contexts, fostering collaboration, generating innovative solutions, and contributing positively to collective outcomes. However, without a specific context or further information, it's difficult to determine a precise definition or scope for this term.

If "generative social intelligence" has gained specific meaning or usage beyond the general combination of these concepts, it would be advisable to consult more recent sources or experts in the field to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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