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  • Please accept my sincerest apologies for failing to publicly acknowledge our fallen heroes this past Memorial Day. No excuse I could offer could justify the oversight. Along with you, I salute the many men and women who have proudly and selflessly served in our military to protect, defend and secure the freedoms and liberties we enjoy each and every day. Their bravery in making the ultimate sacrifice will forever be appreciated and they will always be remembered and celebrated and never taken for granted or forgotten.

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Updated stats on this "Special Financial Operation" as of time of this post

While response has slowed since the first day (as is often the case with crowdfunding initiatives like this), we are encouraged to see continued interest in this cause, at least judging by the latest click-through stats (below are totals from the launch of the campaign roughly 5 days ago). 

To reiterate, since we are not on the receiving end and have no affiliation with either the NBU or *JPMorgan Chase (or any of the other international banks listed on the NBU website as agents/custodians for these accounts), we have no way to know how many clicks are converting into actual donations or how much has been given through this channel, but we must assume that most people bothering to click are in fact donating whatever makes sense for them when factoring in the variables that matter to them.

And another interesting observation: direct support for the Ukrainian Armed Services seems to be attracting almost twice as much interest as support for humanitarian relief (our speculation here, perhaps oversimplistic, would be that more people consider helping the Ukrainians to defeat the Russians and stop the war is more urgent, as this will then stop the harm to the civilians and make providing humanitarian relief easier, quicker and safer for all involved). Of course, since we don't know donation size (either in the aggregate or individually), we must leave open the possibility that a single donor on one side or the other may have given more than all the others combined. In other words, based on clicks alone, it would appear that a larger percentage of donors consider supporting the armed services effort more critical as this stage of the war (yes, we'll call it what it is). We make no judgment one way or the other and consider supporting the entire effort of vital importance to the free world.

At the same time, we recognize that not everyone will agree with our position or our analysis. And we're OK with that. We firmly believe that being able to freely express one's opinions regarding such vital matters, all the more so at such critical times as these, including the freedom to debate and disagree with one another without fear of reprisal from the government, is the beauty of living in a free world and why our way of life is so important to protect at all costs. 

Thanks again to everyone contributing to the cause and being on the right side of history!  


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