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How To Sign In - The Basics


Subject Matter Covered

- User Name
- Passwords
- Why Paying Customers Should Sign In

What's My User Name?

Your User Name is also referred to as your "Alias" or "Screen Name."

Your Email Address is NOT your User Name.

For example, if the name that shows up next to messages you post on our boards is "BigPig65" then you need to enter this in the User Name field.

If your email address is BigPig65@gmail.com, do NOT use this. It won't work.

What's in a Password?

Passwords are Case-Sensitive. So, if your password begins with an Upper Case "W" and you enter a lower case "w", it won't work.

To comply with our password security protocols, your password must contain a minimum of 8 characters, with at least one Upper Case Letter, one lower case letter, and a number. Special Characters are allowed.

Added Bonus

If you are a paying subscriber, don't forget to Sign In when you come to our site. If you don't sign in, we won't know who you are and so you will be served ads.

Of course, our paid plans are Ad-Free, so that's a great reason to make sure you are Signed In! We want you to get what you are paying for, and an ad-free experience is a great subscriber benefit that makes reading our boards much more efficient & enjoyable!


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