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Re: Today's Press Release.. the bottom line

Here’s a few key points about today’s press release.. which by the way, I really thought the next press release and it probably still will be a big name company.. but for today here’s what we’re working with a production and shipping that starts in a few weeks…

Company has about 10 purchase orders in-hand that it will begin fulfilling, with an estimated value of approximately $500K.
• Company expects that its initial purchase orders received over the past six weeks will grow to about 25 before the end of 2023 and to 50 within a year. The company has their own small CBD companies in process plus the partner in Massachusetts has many CBD contracts requesting the nano type oil to bring us to the numbers talked about.
• Company believes that its updated systems will allow it to meet the big demands. of course talks a very far along with many large companies that are not necessarily CBD related..being able to break down oils with the vitamins, antioxidants and other ingredients ... we were talking about pharmaceutical, cosmetics, beverages, and other industry type products.

- The company also just hired some new employees. They’re doing production right now and the stuff they’re producing now will start getting shipped the week of October 2nd. I just wanted to make a couple comments about the press release and what was going on with the company. I even had to make a correction but the stuff I put in this post as to the best of my knowledge and hopefully a little more accurate now.

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