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Rob Cos

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Re: Rob

Sorry just getting back into things still in NJ after a fall and broken leg and wrist. Doing better heading home soon. Pretty clear this has Mayo backing and could be bigger than Cardiac - and in cardiac all is clicking on positive cylinders
I suspect before the end of 2020 the NC shares would trade on NASDAQ and what is not sold in future financings would be spun off to BSGM holders. Not good for the bad guys as shorts are now short 2 companies if this happens..
At some point next week even with cast I hope to summarize my Mayo trip which was overwhelmingly positive as well as meetings with key Board and Execs like Sam Navarro,
Mayo gave us a presentation and there are electrical signals in every cell. They see BSGM technology working far beyond cardiac and even neurology......They have given 2 10 yr contracts in their 100+ history first to BSGM and next to GOOG for coincidence. 
I reiterate Mayo is 1000% behind BSGM up to the HIGHEST level - including the head Cardiology of ALL of Mayo who popped in twice to our Mayo dinner presentation and the Vice Chairman of innovation Dr A who we all know considers PURE EP inventor one of the greatest inventors of our time
New CEO of Mayo changing everything sharing early inventions and IP in conjunction with Rochester MN effort to bring In jobs, building innovation. This is huge change and BSGM will benefit.....35000 new Mayo jobs in 20 yrs - building going on all over the place with amazing cooperation Mayo and town - BSGM is in the thick of it at the highest level at Mayo.....amazing for a small company

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