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Re: Well, it's publicity...

 One of the things that is different about this study is that, according to the Mayo Dr. that was available for questioning back in Nov. 2019, heart signaling can be considered like finger prints. No two people have the exact same set of signaling. This is due to genetics, use/abuse of heart from diet/exercise/medications/prior procedures, etc. 
I wonder if, in running side-by-side systems, they either ask the Dr real-time "Let us know if you are ablating at this location because you see more info in the PureEP monitor", or afterwards review timestamped electrograms and corelate burns and deltas between the electrograms. 
It's been established now that the PureEP system does show more data in many cases. Since there is still a bit of 'craft' in determining where to ablate, the company is building a critical mass of doctors giving input that their decision was based on seeing that particular extra bit of info.  

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