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I took a few days to review the transcript again just to try and ascertain the good and the bad of this call.

First , I do believe the stock most likely was going to go down no matter what was said on this call because the study is still BLINDED. There is only so much information that can be provided/discussed to make a call like this worthwhile, especially to retail investors. More negative questions arise then positive ones because you canít pinpoint and discuss specific milestones that were accomplished. The pressure to try update shareholders without specific detailed trial information in my opinion was a mistake. I personally believe the call should not have happened. Short term we obviously are paying the price and this became a feeding ground for shorts and margin investors. Not a good scenario. Long term this call becomes insignificant. The good is that even though nothing specific was discussed, we now know the trial was safe and effective. Showing an improvement in Group 3, most sick, is outstanding news. We need to see what that data is, but the fact the FDA expanded the trial tells me MMPD worked and it was safe. Most of us were definitely hoping for an immediate home run. Honestly the odds were against that happening unless a partner or grants occur (which I think is still in play)
From a call perspective, I was disappointed with the beginning the middle and the end of this presentation. After the Pure EP presentation, which I thought was organized and presented well, this presentation fell of the rails. Not one speaker sounded prepared and each spoke off the cuff. Sorry BioSig. My experience tells me its NOW time for BSGM to separate ViralClear from BioSig. We need to hire a CEO with a specific Pharma background, and experience with FDA drug approval connections. Someone that can handle being on the front lines with the ability to intelligently present ViralClear. Someone that can go on CNBC or other media that has credibility in the market so we can get a little respect. Let BioSig be BioSig and let ViralClear be ViralClear.

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