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Re: Again the sicker NIAID Grade 3 patients

 I agree on all that Rob.
I don’t trust managements much no matter how successful they’ve been or how big a company they’ve come from much anymore. Even the acquired educational letters after their names doesn’t seem to matter much really when it come to running a company.
No transparency means they’ve forgotten how to communicate meaningful information. Of course, they call each other and keep up to satisfy themselves, but they’ve forgotten we own part of the company too. 
The gap of information has put this stock on a roller coaster ride of uncertainty.
What I do think is vaccines will begin bearing fruit before we know much and this will stunt share price. (Hope one or more will work) 
It doesn’t seem at this point how impressive the results will be, or how and when the stockholders will have real timely information.
Lastly, if we are going to 3rd quarter 2021, then I wouldn’t pass by them to making another capital raise without any transparency like last time. The stock holders will love that and so will the shorts. 
Their stumbling with no A game as I see it. 

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