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Msg  1744 of 1827  at  9/16/2020 2:37:37 PM  by


Building a better mousetrap

As an investor in both BSGM and CRMD (as I assume others here are as well), one thing both of these companies have is "a better mousetrap".

Both Pure EP and Neutrolin (aka Defencath) appear to be improvements over the existing standards of care, and both are currently awaiting FDA to confirm that.

So, assuming that occurs, the next step is to convince the end users of these products to BUY AND USE THEM... and therein lies the rub.

Both of these medical classes HAVE AN EXISTING MOUSETRAP for the purposes Pure EP and Neutrolin serve.

Common sense says if you have a better mousetrap than the one you have, you SHOULD use it. But will they?

We don't know about Neutrolin pricing yet, and from what the company has stated, pricing of the product will take into consideration the savings that will result from less infections... to me that reads more expensive than the existing SOC.

Pure EP as well requires an investment on the part of the hospitals. And even if they are convinced it will better serve their patients, will they reach into their wallets?

I am cautiously optimistic that both markets will say an emphatic YES to that, but I cannot be certain. I sure as hell hope so.

Keep in mind, long after humans walked on the moon in 1969, most luggage didn't have wheels attached, and people had to schlep their heavy bags through the airport... what the hell were we thinking?

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