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Msg  139 of 1281  at  5/29/2019 11:24:21 AM  by

Rob Cos

My comment on his"suspect" comment

 You "suspect" the initial 22 successful human ablation results were inadequate?
Perhaps you should talk to the top ablation surgeons who performed them - I did this month at is what they said.....

The KOLs who have actually used the PURE EP system during human ablation procedures

One of the really pleasant surprises at HRS was that all three of the doctors who performed actual human ablation procedures using the PURE EP system for the first time were present at HRS. All three of these Drs are Key Opinion Leaders often speaking at industry events. I had the privilege of having some one on one time with two of these doctors and was blown away by their enthusiasm as to how much better the ablation procedure was with the PURE EP system.

o Dr Andrea Natale, FACC, FHRS, FESC, Executive Medical Director, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center – Dr Natale is one of the top ablation surgeons (some say the top) and AFib experts and Key Opinion Leaders in the world with a wide following. He performed the First In Human ablation procedures a few months ago in February and said this…. “With the use of the PURE EP System I was able to identify cardiac signals which were previously undetectable to me. I believe that the PURE EP System could change diagnostic and treatment strategies of arrhythmias, leading to more successful outcomes”. While at HRS Dr Natale praised the PURE EP system and his opinion was that eventually over time every EP center in the country should have this machine to assist in ablation procedures. He will help make this happen.

o Dr Andrew Brenyo, MD, FHRS, board-certified electrophysiologist and the medical director of electrophysiology laboratories at Greenville Health System - Dr Brenyo is an ablation surgeon, AFib expert and Key Opinion Leader. He performed the human ablation procedures last month and said this. “Over the last two days I have been amazingly surprised at the fidelity and utility of the BioSig’s PURE EP System. I made sure to use it in cases of the highest complexity and found in more than one circumstance the behavior of the system such that I could visualize waveform signals that I could not on my usual recording system. This led me towards a better understanding of a tachycardia event. I would count myself lucky to have had this eye-opening experience highlighting the signals that I have been missing” I had the privilege of having a nice one on one conversation with Dr Brenyo at HRS event. He reiterated to me that he actually planned his most difficult and complex cases and scheduled them for the week that the PURE EP system was scheduled to be used at Greenville. He told me that when he looked at his usual recording system, he has used in past ablations he did not see certain signals. He said once he saw the PURE EP system more refined signals that’s what he used for the rest of the procedures. He was beaming when talking about the “eye-opening” experience of seeing signals he could not see without PURE EP. He noted he would love to be part of data gathering and any head to head comparisons to document just how important PURE EP could be to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of ablation. He was particularly emphatic about the improved ablation result in the more dangerous ventricular tachycardia patient. He is clearly sold on this technology.

o Prof. John M. Miller, MD FACC, FAHA, FHRS, board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and clinical cardiac electrophysiology Indiana University Health – “Jaw Dropper” - Dr Miller is a Professor at Indiana U and an ablation surgeon, AFib experts and Key Opinion Leader. He just performed the human ablation procedures earlier this month right before HRS and thankfully still was able to make the trip to San Fran. May 6th he said: “We found that the clarity of the signals made a great difference in the confidence with which we could continue applying ablation energy to an abnormal pathway that was in the region of the normal conduction system; BioSig technology allowed us to see a clear signal from the normal conduction pathway during ablation that was obscured by noise on our standard recordings. It was a jaw-dropper!" I had the privilege of having a nice one on one conversation at the BioSig Booth with Professor Miller. I heard from multiple people before and at HRS that Prof Miller was not one for verbal hyperbole. He speaks at many industry and KOL events and he is just very measured in what he says which makes his “Jaw Dropper” comment even more important to me. I asked him about this – why the superlatives when he is known to be conservative with praise. He told me this is true that he is not one for over the top comments – but that in this case the PURE EP system earned his “It was a jaw dropper” comment because it allowed him to perform more efficient and effective ablation and target areas that should be burnt because of the clear signals he saw with the PURE EP system. More importantly he told me he did not ablate a key area because of what he saw. He told me it indeed was jaw dropping. He was fired up for a conservative guy at the booth and even wore this BSGM heart sticker on his lapel as he walked the HRS floor. Amazing.

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