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Msg  1196 of 1296  at  6/30/2020 12:16:02 PM  by

Rob Cos

The following message was updated on 6/30/2020 12:18:57 PM.

INO down on Ph 1 vaccine data but still $4.4 billion mkt cap vs BSGM $187 mill - vaccine hype counties

 Vaccine hype as to both what the media thinks is a certainty of a near term vaccine and the timing of widespread distribution is peaking - mkt caps of the vaccine companies vs MMPD which has IMO better odds of emergency use approval on good efficacy (especially given the dual anti-viral and immunomodulatory effect and the 400 plus human safety data up to 60 day dose in other indications)  
was a wash out of most of the secondary buyers especially after it broke deal price and still imo some selling related to that and misinterpretation of why they did it - I explain here,,,,
 I’m looking for more leaps today. We need good data but the setup for the stock if data is good has never been better with FDA normal rigor on vaccine trials now assured. I’m looking to add leaps. 
June 30, 2020
10:21 EDTINO
Lack of data limits interpretation of Inovio vaccine immunogenicity, says Stifel
Stifel analyst Stephen Willey noted that preliminary Phase 1 INO-4800 data was made available this morning from Inovio, but the "paucity of information" regarding patient immunogenicity limits interpretation of the early results. While 34 of 36 patients, or 94% of trial participants, showed some kind of immunological response, defined as having achieved one or more positive response criteria for immunological response, Willey said the proportion of patients achieving either neutralizing antibody and/or T-cell responses will be needed to appropriately assess the competitive relevance of this data. The analyst, who believes this preliminary data is like ly to raise more questions than answers and limits his ability to get more constructive on the shares, keeps a Hold rating on Inovio.
09:47 EDTINO
Piper Sandler remains on sidelines of Inovio after INO-4800 data disclosure
Piper Sandler analyst Christopher Raymond made no change to his Neutral outlook following the disclosure of initial top-line clinical data for the company's COVID-19 vaccine candidate, INO-4800. While 94% of participants demonstrated an "overall immunological" response at week 6, with a benign safety profile, Raymond continues to worry that investor hopes for INO-4800 to emerge as a viable vaccine candidate to address the current COVID-19 pandemic are unrealistic barring clarity on the manufacturing scalability front. The analyst remains on the sidelines.
09:34 EDTINO
Inovio drops with COVID-19 vaccine results seen as lacking key data
Inovio Pharmaceuticals claimed its investigational COVD-19 vaccine had "positive" results in a press release today but provided none of the details necessary to determine whether the vaccine is working, Damian Garde and Adam Feuerstein of STAT report. The company did not disclose how many patients produced antibodies that neutralize the coronavirus and also appeared to play down the importance of neutralizing antibodies, Garde and Feuerstein contend. Shares of Inovio are down 10% to $28.46 in early trading. Reference Link
07:33 EDTINO
Inovio announces interim clinical data of INO-4800 coronavirus vaccine candidate
INOVIO announced positive interim clinical data of INO-4800, its vaccine candidate against novel coronavirus, or SARS-CoV-2, from the first two Phase 1 clinical trial cohorts. In addition, INO-4800 has been selected to participate in a non-human primate, or NHP, challenge study as part of the U.S. government's Operation Warp Speed, a new national program aiming to provide substantial quantities of safe, effective vaccine for Americans by January 2021. Furthermore, INOVIO has expanded its Phase 1 trial to add older participants in additional cohorts and plans to initia

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