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Savannah - Niger-Benin pipeline approved

 Malcy: ""After a dearth of good news from Savannah things are looking up, big time, indeed the shares have doubled in exactly a month and will justify going a lot higher again before long. Today they announce the signature of a Niger-Benin pipeline transportation convention between CNPC and the Republic of Niger. The plan is for a 2,000km pipeline from the Agadem Rift Basin to the Atlantic coast in Benin.

The pipeline is expected to be complete by the end of 2021 which should be a huge incentive to domestic exploration and production and will ‘transform Niger into a major regional oil producer and deliver an increase in the country’s growth rate’, according to SAVP CEO Andrew Knott. For Savannah this will mean a significant addition to its options for markets for its crude in the future and adds to the domestic option of the Zinder refinery for existing and future crude discoveries.""

Interesting that they avoid Nigeria. I guess part of the reason - but only part - is Boko Haram. If it weren't for the Islamist extremists in Niger, Savannah would be triple where it is now, imo. 

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