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Re: Wilson-Raybould

First of all this Climate Disaster is not BS and therein lies the problem.
The Climate Disaster is real and ongoing and has consequences. 
The only question of any abiding interest is quite simply: "Knowing what we know - what do we do - or not do - about it?"
Sorry but I no longer have any time for those who (for whatever reason) do not wish to see what is clearly in front of them.
I have all the time in the World for those who understand the realities and discuss all the possible pragmatic human responses or can effectively argue for no response - only adaptation.
I understand we are not going to wean off from using the ever popular but increasingly elusive hydrocarbon.
I understand we need some pipelines for access to foreign markets. (Asia and Europe) 
I understand we need other markets than the US - at least short term. (They will need Canada more after the second Permian Extinction).
I understand the seeming hypocrisy in having a tanker ban for the waters off the Port of Prince Rupert while tankers slosh back and forth in the international waters and off the Canadian East Coast.
I understand the huge Capital endowment that is the Tar Sands and Deep, liquids rich natural gas - and how the economic benefits from intelligently using those resources will be hugely important for Canada as a whole for many decades to come - even centuries to come?
We all know that stuff and sheer pragmatic realities will forse us to eat our words of idealism as we face and enter the harsh crucible of sheer pragmatism...
I have worked in the good old Oyel Patch for just over four decades and am damn proud of how much we do so well (in comparison to absolutely everyone else) here in Canada - but there is still much to be done to do it better!
The bitumen (there ain't much left for good conventional oil resources left to exploit) and the natural gas is not going anywhere - its still there for the present and future.
How do we manage those resources for Canadian benefit AND think about all the potential Climate Change adaptions that will be needed - especially as so much of that change will be determined by decisions made in jurtisdictions over which we have absolutely no suasion whatsoever - only the power of example and virtue signalling. (While of course continuing to take care of business...)
Doing the right thing does not rely on the acceptance or denial of any truths - however any actions or inaction is better informed and decided upon by understanding and accepting those truths - and then acting in our best interests by fair and lawful democratic process mindful of protecting minority interests where important.

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