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Msg  20008 of 30179  at  11/17/2019 2:51:04 PM  by


 In response to msg 20007 by  easygoodpics
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  John says:

Excellent Post Janice!

We are seeing this every second of the day. What is scary is that 90% of the Media and the deep state are being controlled by the Globalist; all for “more” money/power.

The word “More” is disturbing and unbelievable. These Evil Traitors are already wealthy and have power; they want “More” wealth and power and sold our Constitution not even thinking for the sacrifice of the people who fought for over 200 years to protect the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Isn’t this the definition of Evil?

The deep state wants more job-security and power; justifying in their own minds that they know better than the American People and they should be in complete control. PDJT has shown this clearly to the American People over the past 3-years.

What is shocking; the media “100% Knows” they are intentionally destroying the U.S. and what they are reporting is fake news and fake laws. Most news reporters (Anchors) are already living comfortably but want more wealth/power. How do they live with themselves? How do they Sleep?

No rule of Law allows illegal aliens to enter the U.S., allows illegal aliens to vote, allows illegal voting, allows U.S. citizens to be killed by illegal aliens, allows PDJT wall to be torn down, allows the Supreme court to add new radical Justices, etc.

All our daily problems revolve around not following the Rule of Law.

This is not about PDJT; this is about the American People and our way of life being destroyed by a New Globalist Constitution.

The only way to offset the intentional destruction of the Rule of Law is by using and fully implementing the Rule of Law and destroying the coup, criminals and globalist.

The only way to reverse the brain washing of so many Americans Citizens and inform the people who were too busy is by implementing Justice.

All attacks to destroy PDJT for the past 3-years have been to prevent the President from using the criminal codes and destroying them all.

This is very clear; PDJT greatest achievement throughout history will be implementing Justice and saving the Constitution and our way of life.

ussia Hack @RussiaHackSite

Columbia County Maryland is going to make sure you don't consider school district when deciding where to live. They want to bus students out of their home districts to achieve a uniform 22.5% poverty rate per school. Keep voting Democrat!

Reserved55 says:

California lacks sufficient natural resources to sustain themselves. They would cease to exist if they seceded.


Joebkonobi says:

They have plenty of natural resources, the just refuse to use them for fake environmental reasons.

Betty says:

Nancy is a crook, she was included when Hillary said “if that guy wins we will all be hanging from nooses”.

Whoever wrote this: “Ukraine slander is being used up another outrageous slander is being prepared” sure has their number. Pelosi, Schiff and all those cheering her on behind the scene are keeping this running attack so that no one has time to look at the awful things they have ALL done and their kids too.

One example: Their private pipeline to the Ukraine had to go through Syria so they used Benghazi as a staging point for illegal arms transfer to ISIS in Syria so as to remove obstacles to their will by raining death and destruction down on innocent Syrians in a fake civil war.

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lawrencepaul1 says:

Not through The Ukraine though. Turkey.
Qatar wanted to run a gas pipeline through Iraq/Syria/Turkey and into Europe. Syria said no so they trained Isis and armed them with weapons shipped from Libya through Turkey.


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