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Msg  20007 of 30256  at  11/17/2019 2:32:36 PM  by


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evin McCarthy @GOPLeader

This. This is the impeachment that Democrats have spent the last three years working on. ↓

Hours of hearsay from handpicked witnesses that have never even met the president.


Adam Schiff’s track record:
✔️ Spread false allegations about collusion
✔️ Fabricated a call transcript during a congressional hearing
✔️ Lied about dealings with the whistleblower

He can’t be trusted to run a fair investigation.

Betty says:

Nancy is a crook, she was included when Hillary said “if that guy wins we will all be hanging from nooses”.

Whoever wrote this: “Ukraine slander is being used up another outrageous slander is being prepared” sure has their number. Pelosi, Schiff and all those cheering her on behind the scene are keeping this running attack so that no one has time to look at the awful things they have ALL done and their kids too.

One example: Their private pipeline to the Ukraine had to go through Syria so they used Benghazi as a staging point for illegal arms transfer to ISIS in Syria so as to remove obstacles to their will by raining death and destruction down on innocent Syrians in a fake civil war.

Janice says:


History has shown us; countries were transformed into 3rd World Countries for Power/Wealth/Greed by just a Few Evil/Corrupt Elitist.

History has shown us; Evil/Corrupt Elitist used as their unstoppable weapon, the elimination of all elements of the Rule of Law, as a Powerful and Guaranteed weapon, to transform countries into becoming a 3rd World Country, for their own Greed/Power and Wealth.

History has shown us; once a Country’s Rule of Law is Destroyed, it can take voluminous years to restore the Rule of Law, possibly never to be restored again. One Example is Mexico.

History has shown us; once corruption crosses a particular line of becoming a way of life, it can take 100’s of years to eliminate corruption.

History has shown us; once a generation of children is raised in a corrupt country, it will be acceptable and will be embedded in their Brian cells as a way of life.

History of the United States has shown us; the Rule of Law is the Foundation and the Shield that protects the Constitution and the American People.

History of the United States has shown us; many people have given their life for the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

History of the United States has shown us; the U.S. Rule of Law has been the Example given to all countries, so they can fight for their own Rule of Law. If the U.S. Rule of Law is eliminated; the Globalist Constitution will enslave the people around the world.

History of the United States has shown us; as a result of the U.S. being a self-correcting country, when the U.S. had steered off course of the Rule of Law, the U.S. always found its way back to Rule of Law.

Today we are all Witnessing the Unthinkable/Unbelievable; the immediate and profound “complete” elimination of the Rule of Law and the Constitution to intentionally transform the U.S. into a 3rd world country for a few elitist to acquire “MORE” Power/Wealth by aiding and abetting the Evil Globalist.

The method used of the immediate “complete” elimination of the Rule of Law and the Constitution is frightening; it guarantees the U.S. becoming a 3rd world country and not allowing the U.S. to correct itself.

Today we are all Witnessing the complete elimination of the Rule of Law by fake laws having no resemblance of the Rule of Law.

PDJT understood all of the above in Nov 2016 and strategically planned and “used the time” that the Coup/Criminal/Globalist tried to destroy the President for the past 3-years, to allow the criminals to destroy themselves by creating additional mountains of paper/digital trails of Evidence with new mountains of testimonies, creating easy prosecutions, perjury charges and plea deals (Also educating all of us etc.).

The perfect stage we see today for easy prosecutions; did not happen by accident.

Watching PDJT strategic business battles throughout his life; made it perfectly clear and easy to understand what the President has been doing since Nov 2016 (3-years).

PDJT 3-years of “Acknowledgement” of seeing corruption along with the American People guarantees PDJT will do his duty (has no other options) to the Constitution and the American People by implementing the Criminal Codes to destroy the Coup/Criminals/Globalist to save the Rule of Law, Constitution and our way of life.

My only concern for the past 3-years has been PDJT health and safety. I pray for PDJT continued divine intervention to keep him safe.


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