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  covfefe999 says:

Check this out. It’s the HPSCI summary of Jennifer Williams’ testimony. Schiff’s HPSCI. The summary was published on Thu Nov 14.

At her deposition, Ms. Williams was asked whether the Ukrainian company Burisma was
mentioned by name during the call between President Trump and President Zelensky on
July 25, 2019. She testified that it was. She was then asked who had mentioned it and
whether she had taken notes. Ms. Williams testified that she had taken notes, and that she
believed her notes reflected that President Trump had referenced Burisma.

This is FALSE. Read Williams’ testimony. She was not asked whether Burisma was mentioned during the call. She was asked if the transcript of the call was accurate. SHE was the one who mentioned Burisma, that it was in her notes but not in the transcript, she was not asked about it.

Q Based on being in the room and taking notes and then reading the transcript, was it accurate and complete? [there is back and forth Q and A but none of it mentions Burisma]
A My notes did reflect that the word Burisma had come up in the call, that the President had mentioned Burisma. I hadn’t noticed that when I first read the transcript.

Someone doublecheck my work. The Williams testimony transcript is available in Sundance’s article on the topic. Start on page 62, where Rep Castor begins her questioning. The question about the transcript is on page 65,

The HPSCI headed by Schiff undoubtedly deliberately misstated what happened in order to misinform the public. They cherry picked quotes from her testimony to support their lie. I haven’t checked yet but I suspect there were propaganda media articles propagating this false info

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SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

Page 66
She brings Burisma up and then is questioned “which president”(brought Burisma up).
The dumb girl(she shouldn’t work in her position) answers “TRUMP”.

Of course they constructed it the way they did to make Trump look bad but this was an easy layup for them.

markmurraybooks says:

Anyone seen this news piece?

Interesting, if it’s true.


Huge exclusive coming:
Kerry-Biden-Romney - Pelosi , Yovanovich and Georgia, ISIS terrorist and kidnapping all connected to foreign car manufacturer.
That all went down today! @RepAdamSchiff is distracted with his circus and we are parting the curtains!


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