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Last tweets of the night after the show with @Gingrich_of_PA to answer this great DM question.

How is Louisiana so red on the presidential level and elects Democrats on the gubernatorial level?

Simple version...

Ed Rispone put on a good show. But John Bel Edwards is a popular incumbent and rather conservative. It clearly helped him in Southern Catholic region and even to some extent the Northern Protestant area. On the presidential level, Democrats are nowhere near that conservative.

Clivus Multrum (@ClivusM) says:

Steve Scalise on with C. Wallace on Fox Sunday.

Wallace isn’t even trying to appear neutral any longer and his performance reminds me of the obnoxious, badgering nonsense that came from Kamala Harris during the Kavanaugh heatings.

Wallace clearly trying to pull this impeachment debacle out of the fire…..not going to work.

MightyConservative says:

My best friend is a die hard liberal, I’m the exact opposite. Weave been friends for almost forty years. Should we give that up? Because of ONE facet of our beliefs? We have helped each other through divorce, loss of parents, cancer, etc.
Your opinion is very shortsighted.


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