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Re: it's over trudeau and pelosi

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Re: Trans Mountain pipeline should continue slowly

Full speed ahead with carbon taxes as much of the money paid out will end up transferred to Quebec the way its structured using their hydro in the equation.
The TMP will go ahead with either/or Bloc/Con support with a bill written up to put more money into Quebec but in such a way that the Cons may have to support it or delay the pipeline.
The replacement for Nafta will be delayed, the Liberals are strongly influenced by the Democrats and Pelosi doesnt want it approved before the US2020 election. May not see a direct transfer of millions to the Dems to pay for their assistance in the election like we saw with when Trudeau sent $25 million to Hillary's account shortly after the last election but the money will go.
Pay off to Greta's handlers group as well, she has been actively campaigning for the Liberals the last 2 weeks.
Likely an increase in funding to the media, the $600 million was quite effective in influencing the press.
Pay offs to Govt Unions, I know 2 fed employees in different unions and the unions leaders held meetings with all the staff over the last 2 weeks telling them to vote Liberal since the Conservatives were going to privatize their jobs like the Conservatives privatized some of the city garbage workers in Toronto.

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