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Msg  19119 of 30329  at  10/21/2019 11:13:49 PM  by


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Re: it's over trudeau and pelosi

 Woogumz says:

The Bloc Quebecois is dominating outside of Montreal in early returns. A big reason for that is the very strong anti-migrant feeling inside Quebec. Quebec passed a law making it illegal to wear the burqua and niqab. They are also fed up with Trudeau welcoming all those who walk across the border with open arms. As a minority itself within a majority population, Quebecois struggle to maintain their own culture and identity as a separate and distinct people, and the unfettered migration of “asylum seekers” is threatening that in every possible way. The elites in the media don’t like to touch this third rail of Canadian internecine politics.

The BQ surge will also eat away at the Liberal hope for a clear majority.

A2 says:

Leyland Cecco has our first results of the night.As of 10pm EST (now) the results are as follows:

Number of seats the party has won or is leading in:

Liberal 94
Conservatives 63
Bloc Québécois 16
New Democratic party 9
Green 1
While the Liberals have lost a handful of seats in Atlantic Canada, the party has nonetheless emerged largely unscathed – a promising result for Trudeau.

But as results from Ontario and Quebec begin to pour in, the race is expected to tighten considerably.

The separatist Bloc Québécois party is hoping to make substantial gains in Québec, stealing back seats the Liberals won in 2015.

In the suburbs of Ontario, Conservatives are hoping to make gains as well- but early results don’t look promising for the party.“

Katherine McCoun says:

It seems to me that all of the parties other than the conservatives are various varieties of leftist – from “normal” leftist to communists. Won’t they join together if 170 aren’t reached by the liberals by themselves?

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  • Katherine McCoun says:

    Conservatives have gained 9 seats so far….

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  • WES says:

    Katherine: That is exactly the problem! Neither the NDP nor Greens will ever form a coalition government with the Conservatives! And no party can do a coalition government with the Block! So Conservatives need an out right majority to govern. That is not going to happen. I think it is safe to say Trudope has be re-elected Prime Minister.

    MAGADJT says:

    Even if Trudeau stays in office and neither Canada nor the US ratify the USMCA, NAFTA still expires and goes away. Isn’t that correct?

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    SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Correct and why Canada will ratify it cause anything else will be worse for them.

    A2 says:

    “ Leyland Cecco has this interpretation of events:

    Justin Trudeau will hold on to power—but a number of tight races mean it is unclear how strong his mandate will be.

    With results still to come, the Liberal party have a large enough lead over the rival Conservative party to continue governing, but have not yet reached enough seats to preserve their parliamentary majority. With the prospects of a minority government, election results will prove critical in determining which parties hold the balance of power moving forward.”

    Guffman says:

    Looks like 4 more years of Blackface Alladin.

    The only good news here is that Andrew Scheer will be tossed out as the Conservative leader for losing an election he should have easily won. Instead of standing for real Conservative principles, he led the party into pandering to most of lefty causes, split the conservative support, and gave no reason for middle of the road voters to shift back over and support the party.

    Scheer has been a real failure and absolutely the main reason were going to get 4 more brutal years of Turdeau.

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    jus wundrin says:

    The Canadian Ryan-0


    1. A2 says:

      “ He may not become Canada’s next prime minister, but Andew Scheer is set to retain his seat.”


    2. WES says:

      I was hoping the Conservatives would be able to gain enough seats to prevent the Liberals/NDP/Greens from forming a coalition government but not happening. The Liberals only need the NDP to form a coalition government. So more of the same but worse.

      Paul Gallant says:

      It’s over folks its a minority liberal government – The Country is carved – Alberta the heart of the oil industry and the heart of free enterprises is gutted – They and saskatchewan vote entirely Conservative but again their votes don’t matter. Progressive Liberal Central Canada “The province of Ontario” wins the day. The worst Prime Minister Canada has ever had will try to run a minority government. Should be fun to watch if it wasn’t so sad.


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