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Msg  13577 of 31405  at  6/19/2019 6:22:13 PM  by


c/s tcth

maggiemoowho says:

Not sure if anyone is watching this Reperation (pure BS) hearing, but if this BS is considered by any Republican, they need to be voted out. This reperation bullsh!t is a global movement. The idiots leading this movement want land taken away from Whites, they want bank accounts stripped from Whites and much more. This is happening in South Africa, White farmers are being murdered and their land taken from them. I pray to God that Americans stand up and fight this BS.

maggiemoowho says:

Sorry, I spelled Reparations wrong.

bsdetector4u says:

Why are reparations being brought up now? The democraps are losing their African American voting base because President Trump is bringing jobs to their communities. Democraps are scared and have to find a way to get the Blacks back on the plantation. Thus the push for reparations.

Truthfilter says:

The analysts keep trying to reconcile recent poll results with last night’s enormous rally turn-out. Most of them are hanging their hats on the notion that the crowds at the rallies represent PT’s core base and not the independents and moderates “he needs in order to win in 2020.”


The traditional political theories just don’t apply to POTUS in 2020. He already has the support of moderates and independents. Last night’s crowd was full of them. In 2016, there were very few staunch conservatives or lifelong Republicans lining up outside the stadiums to see him. Those folks remained in the Never-Trump/Cruz camps until very late in the General election period, IIRC. Many of them have boarded the Trump Train since then. I know from my own experience as a campaign volunteer that many of his supporters in early 2016 were people who had never been engaged in politics before and registered as GOP just to vote for DJT in our state’s primaries. The numbers of new GOP registrations in 2015-2016 prove this. The moderates and independents ARE his core base. He has had them from “hello.” There aren’t too many more “fence sitters” out there to be won, no matter what the experts say, no matter who the DNC nominates.

The Democrats will have to cheat, steal, and murder to win in 2020. And they know it.



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