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The following message was updated on 6/12/2019 8:10:08 PM.

Something very strange has happened here per JS today

Something very strange has happened here
A few weeks ago I purchased a kilo of sugar from the corner store. Normally they will sell in grams, but they seemed to want to sell me a specific kilo. There is something VERY wrong with that kilo.

A while ago I mentioned repeatedly that if you are anyone in alt media or anyone who has gotten the attention and ire of the "elite" that you must randomize all purchases to avoid problems. And that sugar may be one such problem.

Here is what happened initially: After using it in my coffee, I proceeded to run red lights and almost hit people repeatedly, and never had an accident out of sheer luck. It had an off taste that was too sweet for straight sugar but it did not taste like aspartame. Aspartame will totally screw me over. So I set it aside to test the next time I ran out of sugar.

Today, I ran out of sugar for the second cup of coffee. So I grabbed that sugar, telling myself: "You probably had a misperception the first time around, this sugar is going to be OK. And now I am spinning with vertigo, barely able to stay in the chair, I was not expecting it so it is not a misperception, I figured I was wrong about the sugar the first time which is why I tried it again. I should not have.

It is 100 percent motor coordination/balance/association of objects and what they mean, it is not affecting my writing.So now I have a nice sample of sugar I expect to be a royal screw job, and people at the store to tell all about how they were scammed by whoever. I don't know how to get this tested when I can't direct the lab as to what to test for, so I am just going to keep it as a sample and maybe eventually use it on someone I figured gave it to me in the first place (this would not be anyone at the store, who would believe whatever some CIA-hole would tell them.) If I ever get a prime opportunity I definitely will use it. If they don't want me to have a weapon, they should not hand me one. THANKS!

I do not drink or do drugs, so I notice things like this very easily, if this was done by someone on purpose it failed, I will NOT take the "therapeutic dose" over an entire KG, It is obviously possible the sugar company spiked their sugar with aspartame to make it sweeter, but this seems a LOT worse than aspartame, especially since it would have only been a trace amount that you would not notice mixed with normal sugar.

DAY CANCELED as far as other things I had planned, I can at least type. I can barely stay balanced to type. Blood pressure fine, heart beat fine. This is not that.


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