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Re: c/s tcth

  ppanther says:

It goes back to what Mueller did to Arthur Anderson. Once you are ACCUSED of something bad, the world reacts and you are out of business, whether it is true or not. This is the tactic of the left, to intimidate and coerce those they have chosen to be their pawns in the game of chess against our President Trump. They threaten them with all kinds of things, and they, not being attorneys, fear the worst. They don’t capitulate with the enemy but resist until their last hope is gone. As in the case of Gen. Flynn, his son was threatened and that is when he drew the line. I don’t blame him, though he is not guilty, but if he keeps his guilty plea, he must know about something we aren’t aware of that will sink the accuser in the end. So trust the process and the new attorney that will straighten out all the kinks they have tried to put into this false arrest and condemnation of innocent people! Remember, they use the shadow boxing technique to intimidate these innocent people into saying and doing things out of fear of what might be, instead of dealing on an honest basis, which is totally antithetical to these vermin. What we don’t realize is what we don’t see, in that these vermin use things out of context, twist and bend the rules, make up their own rules, withhold exculpatory evidence and all kinds of dirty tricks to build an image of a legal monster that is threatening to devour these victims. What they don’t want you to see is the one that will dispel the false image of a monster and bring it down to the fact that THEY, the vermin, are the REAL MONSTERS and take them out! Keep praying and keep the faith!


ppanther says:

Oh, and BTW? Arthur Anderson was judged not guilty of the accusations that Mueller brought against them, but it had already destroyed their company, putting 85,000 employees out of a job, affecting their entire families and the credibility of this great company that had been a standard in the accounting and insurance business! The SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THREW OUT THIS CASE! JUDGED THEM NOT GUILTY! But by then, the damage was done and Arthur Anderson was gone. They had accomplished their goal of destroying a great American company with their ungodly underhanded tactics! This is what this vermin do to anyone they target. They spin their tales and woe to anyone that gets in their way. They all need to be taken into custody for their false accusations, destruction of the American economy through subversive and illegal false accusations, unsubstantiated, obviously. All the while they defend the guilty like Whitey Bulger, putting innocent people in their place to take the fall instead! These vermin will rue the day they chose to be evil when they meet God face to face and melt in His presence before they are cast into Hell for eternity to burn forever for their unrepentant crimes!

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