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Re: c/s tcth

  ATheoK says:

“It will likely take several weeks for Powell to review the case file (must be rather large)”

Hints of this have shown up in various parts of the whole special counsel’s entire prosecution; e.g. handing over hundreds of thousands Russian FB posts, untranslated.
* It’s known as ‘baffle them with bullsquat’, a Weissmann specialty,
* and include every triviality and even unrelated hearsay and facts, a Mueller speciality.

Many taxpayers and people under investigation learn the hard way by making a major mistake; i.e. they hand over far more information than is requested.
e.g.; Technically, only seven years of tax records need to be maintained. However, IRS will use every bit of information the people hand over.
e.g. 2; Inviting police officers into your home minimizes or eliminates an officers need to obtain search warrants, if the officers can spot any evidence of wrong doing.

The same principle applies in reverse to persons facing prosecution.
Reams and reams of sloppy documentation, sloppy interviews, sloppy analysis, sloppy lines of evidence, or conclusions the prosecution team leaps to without verifying; allow defenders to attack the prosecution’s case, methods, procedures, neutrality, honesty and use of fruit from a poisoned investigation vine.

I expect Ms. Powell, Esquire to quickly organize, reorder and straighten out the evidence, depositions, and witnesses in this case; especially where the prosecution made major errors.
Plus her expert review of the prosecution’s case should identify many holes where the previous defense counsels failed to take advantage. Ideally, their malfeasance can be proven.

It would be a great treat if Flynn-Powell team can turn the tables and aggressively go after Mueller, Weissmann, Strzok and other involved FBI agents and lawyers.

Month after month we have heard of one special counsel malfeasance, misconduct, poor prosecution handling, failure to conduct a fair neutral prosecution, fair treatment from arrest through prosecution for those charged, complete sharing of all relevant evidence and witnesses, after another.

I would be very surprised if Ms. Powell, Esquire is unable to turn General Flynn’s case completely about.
If not at this level, then on appeal. Prosecution malfeasance, incompetence, bias, improper evidence sharing, lies, etc. are all solid basis for appeal.

As prior cases have proved, Weissmann’s and Mueller’s cases regularly fail higher level court reviews.
With the levels of outright prosecution errors incurred with General Flynn’s case, Ms. Powell should be able to keep Flynn out of jail waiting for the appeal process.

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