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Can someone tell me how it is possible

This company has treated 2 patients that we know about right now. I would say with fantastic results and the stock trades lower.  The market cap is $450 million.  It should be a market cap of $2-$5 billion IMO.  I would think the stock price should be in the $8-$10 range today not sitting at $2.  Personally I think it is all wall street manipulation.  They are assuming the company needs cash and they are trying to make them raise cash at $2 a share.  It won't work.  The board and biggest shareholders will ensure this company is funded.  Shorts will not win this one.  
Patient 1 with 9B cells had a 51.2% reduction in the tumor at 12 weeks.  That is amazingly good.
Patient 2 had a tumor that appeared to be one but the tumor was likely 2 tumors.  One with our targeted mutation intermingled with a second tumor mass with a different mutation.  this patient had a decrease in the tumor mass of 27% at 6 weeks and we have no idea the results at 12 weeks.  Could be a decrease of 30% or more.  We have no clue.  But the reason for the smaller decrease is likely that our treatment will only kill the tumor cells with the targeted TCR.  The tumor cells with the target may have seen 70-100% destruction.  Patient 2 has been looked at as a failure by most. 
I see it as the opposite.  The treatment did as it was expected.  it ate the cancer cells with the mutation.  If the company publishes data on that patient I am hopeful they present it in that light.  Say something like this.
The patient appeared to have a mass that contained cancer cells with the targeted mutation.  After treatment it was learned that the tumor contained sections with the targeted mutation as well as sections with a different mutation. Upon examination at week 12 it was noted that 3 or 4 biopsies were taken and there were no cancer cells identified with the targeted mutation.  Based on this we concluded that the treatment worked as anticipated eliminating the majority of cancer cells with the targeted mutation.
That is the reality of the situation.  All tumors are different and it is very possible that this was 2 tumors that were intertangled.  Our treatment eliminated one and the other continues to grow.
But there is a third patient that has likely been treated.  I think the 3rd patient will be the deciding factor for many investors.  I am hoping the company begins taking several biopsies from the tumors to be targeted to ensure the all or most of the tumor contains the TCRT target.  But if the 3rd patient has a tumor with most or all the cells containing the target it is very possible patient 3 will see a reduction at week 6 of 60-70% or more.  If the third patient performs as well or better than patient 1 the investors will pour back in. 
It was actually very irresponsible of Dan to post the results in the light he did.  He cast doubt on a treatment with terrific promise.  The company hopefully will provide an update on the 30th and set the record straight.  Like any other treatment this will not work for everyone.  Also, with a patient as mature in the process as she was.  The tumor had likely gone through many mutations.  If you would take a biopsy of a tumor in a patient and this was 1st line treatment the tumor likely would have only the hotspot mutation and they would have a CR.  These patients have no hope.  They have failed everything.  This is what makes the results thus far so great.  When you have a patient like number 1 that was failing everything and our treatment removes 51.2% or more of the tumor it will extend that patients life and hopefully in the future cure the patient forever. 
There is no reason to not have faith.  The company has shown that the process works effectively. I think based on the results released thus far and what we know from patient 2 the odds of efficacy and safety that will results in FDA approval went up from 10-20% to 80-90%.  you can anticipate that most of the patients in the trial will see a PR if not a CR.  
I am with Barton.  I think if they enroll 5-10 more patients and they all show safety that is good and efficacy at the level we are seeing now the FDA will be under great pressure to approve the treatment.  I think it will take a phase 2/3 with 30-50 patients to get approval.  But that would not take long to accomplish. 
Dr. Rosenberg stating that KITE went from a small company to a $11 billion overnight is the situation here.  It is coming.  
As I said.  Look at this as a gift.  You won't be able to buy at $2 for very long.   

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