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Re: Why lithium-ion batteries are so important

I went back and read the mentioned comment.  I agree the the person makes some very good and interesting points, however I think that the most important factor that will drive what mix of technologies used to mitigate the intermittency of renewable generation will be current policy and how it evolves.
At the moment (at least in the U.S.) policy does not incentivize overbuilding solar/wind generation.  As a response, there are an increasing number of new utility scale renewable plants (mostly solar) that are incorporating battery storage, and woodmac and others expect this trend to accelerate, at least in the short term.
Another impact of policy will be on the consumer side, where net metering is coming under increasing pressure.  I think this will drive new residential solar installs to include both thermal (via hot water heating) and battery storage in order to minimize pushing home generated power to the grid at reduced compensation.
A final impact where changing policy may drive which direction we take to mitigate increasingly intermittent generation is whether more markets move toward peak power surcharges or time-of-use rates.  If the former, battery storage would be favored on both production and consumption side of the grid in order to average out the transmigration/distribution load and thus minimize peaks in power.  If the latter is preferred, than this would push more flexibility in demand to take maximum advantage of low cost power during times of peak generation.  This would favor things like thermal storage but not necessarily discourage customer side battery storage to do some arbitrage between time of low electric rates and less flexible points of demand.
I guess a major determining factor will be where the cost of battery storage lands vs. the cost of transmission and distribution.

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