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Tesla battery day

 The Tesla battery aspirations announced yesterday are incremental though substantial improvements to their existing lithium ion battery design. But there were no step changes announced, in particular no million mile battery, no solid state electrolyte.
Tesla's current cost per KWH of battery storage (both NCA and NCM) for their EVs is $140, the lowest in the industry and if they can drop it by 56% by 2025 as they hope to do they will bring the cost below $70/kwh at which point the sticker price of their cars will be at or below parity with ICE cars. That is still the holy grail for the EV industry and Tesla is farthest along of any manufacturer in meeting that goal. 
From what I gleaned yesterday they have  new cell design and manufacturing efficiencies being built now that would get them about 1/4 of the way towards that goal, for the part of their battery production Tesla manufactures (as opposed to CATL and Panasonic production).  The planned dry coating of electrodes, use of high silicon anodes and all nickel cathodes are further away - if they can pull off those  they will get most of the rest of the way to the 56% goal. But that is a big if and prone to hiccups. As Musk said at some point in the presentation it is one thing to have a workable process at bench/prototype scale, even field pilot scale, quite another to scale up to industrial quantities. 
Here's a summary of the battery day presentation:

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