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Re: Livent E3 Metals joint venture

E3 is a tiny company, market cap 9 million U$, ETMC TSX-V. Livent is the third largest lithium producer in the west with a 23t t. brine operation in Argentina and extensive refining expertise - they are one of the few companies producing lithium metal. They were spun off from FMC. I bought Livent on the dip in August and will pick at it on dips. 
There are at least 6 direct extraction of lithium from brine processes in the works, probably more, most struggling to get off the lab bench. Albemarle, the largest Li producer in the west, has a direct extraction process that they talked up for a bit but there has been no news about it lately, I expect because they have run into problems. 
E3's process is not the one I would have expected Livent to choose to support. The financing by Livent gives E3's process a runway to the small pilot stage plus deeper pockets that could take it to full feasibility study stage.

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