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Chinese auto sales, including EVS, dropping hard

 I posted this on the Energy Investing board. 
Chinese auto sales continue to drop precipitously, including EVs
The context for the EV sales drop is that Chinese auto sales have dropped year over year for the first time since the '90's, with a 7% decline in August, the 14th month of decline. The govt yanking of subsidies has made the drop in EV sales even steeper. The govt played the same game with the solar panel industry - abruptly pulling subsidies to force mergers and consolidation in their domestic industry. The Chinese now dominate the solar panel industry worldwide. There are many EV bit players in China - the govt is pushing them to merge so as to be able to compete with the foreign car cos.
They won't be as successful in dominating the car industry - my guess is that the Chinese will corner the low to middle EV market and the foreign automakers will take the middle to high end . But they are going to dictate the adoption of EVs, the govt is a dictatorship after all, and they will tightly control foreign access to their market.
The Chinese govt in 2017 announced their plan of 20% BEVs and plugins by 2025. Targets of 40% by 2030% and 60% by 2035 seem to be next:
The Chinese car market is the world's largest. GM does 40% of their sales in China, more than in the U.S., ditto VW, Daimler Benz, etc. The drive to EVs in China and Europe is on. That is why all the major automakers are scrambling to gear up for the Chinese and European EV markets, regardless of what happens in North America.


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