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Thoughts from Vorlon

 All this time we were waiting on mgt to do something to raise the SP….the industry was going down rabbit holes exploring combos with drugs that addressed one branch of the immune cascade or another….in hopes to improve checkpoint inhibitors.

They all failed.

During this time in parallel with PV-10 influenced clinical trials…more important research was being done to isolate and refine PV-10 targeting across many other platforms of research. This has not been in vain. Method of action research was being done in earnest to elicit efficacies of RBS pathways. Why? Because past bad mgt produced bad results…as a result of hurried and sloppy attempts to hurry along this new RBS molecule through the FDA…old mgt failed miserably…about as bad as could be.

But the new mgt took over…restarted research….allowed outside research…and opinions….firmed up the patents and IP. They then went on an open access research platform model…in addition to revamped clinical trial research.  To the rest of the research field: explore this molecule and report back. And thus it was done.

Mgt in the past five years have been ultra quiet….some say under the radar…others say quiet while the rest of the industry  chased rabbits down rabbit holes.  Doesn’t matter. Mgt had to wait until more research was being done. This research had to be explored by outsiders…and now those results are coming to light.

In truth, at many points I thought they were ready to move this forward and announce some sort of deal.

I was wrong. There were details I had not thought important at that time but is now forefront in publicity.  Each time I thought mgt was ready to propel this stock…was premature. To confirm my failure…mgt remained quiet. Until now. Now mgt is going Twitter crazy explaining what, where, and when. Obviously, now is their timeline vs my previous expected timeline.

Well damn.  Now knowing all this….what do I now see…that should be apparent to all now?

Mgt is now explaining it all on Twitter. Why? Why Twitter? Why explain their research on Twitter?

I say because they have to.. if perhaps they also explained this all to a potential share buying entity.  

So why first explain to a potential share buying entity these details first?

Wall Street…you know the answer. News is coming. But by SEC rules…everybody gets the same news. Nuance is how you interpret this news…these Twitter posts.

So many of you ask me what news I think is coming.

I think first FDA acceptance of P2/3 melanoma stage III protocols. If FDA acceptance then PVCT initiates P2/3 melanoma protocols. Once approved, then perhaps a codevelopment deal is in play. Just one codevelopment deal? Well that just might be dumb. Once the FDA might allow further development…then why not NET or Uveal.

During this time….why not TGA for monotherapy melanoma? And then NET with a P2?

 Crazy cross indication conspiracy stuff.
Break out the popcorn. 

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