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Re: Preferred Stock not dilutive

keahou: I know you were providing commentary from the “market”, so I don’t want to shoot the messenger, but nothing in your note is true about this particular stock and situation. It is NOT dilutive, it is NOT in any way shape or form a “financing”, the convertible preferred here does NOT pay a dividend, the will NOT any more senior ownership “layered in”.
We can all argue about whether this helps or hurts the overall stock price in the long run. I’m not even sure which side I come down on in that debate. But regarding everyone’s positions of ownership in PVCT, there is ZERO change. ZERO.
in post #6520 to add/clarify:
I wanted to provide some clarity on my last post. I said something to the effect that I don’t know whether a reverse split helped or hurt our situation. But please don’t take that statement as me being undecided on how to vote for the RS in the proxy. I voted FOR! I am in this investment position because of faith in P, R and H. While I may not be sure whether the RS is a good idea, if P, R and H want the ability to do it, they have my vote.
thank you for taking time to post on IV.
I have noticed, your posts often serve to help keep things factual (on track)

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