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Oral RB and its effect on IL6. Questions for the AM.

IL-6 stimulates the inflammatory and auto-immune processes in many diseases such as Multiple sclerosis,[46] Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD),[46] diabetes,[47] atherosclerosis,[48] depression,[49] Alzheimer's Disease,[50] systemic lupus erythematosus,[51] multiple myeloma,[52] prostate cancer,[53] Behçet's disease,[54] rheumatoid arthritis,[55] and intracerebral hemorrhage.[56]

Everyone that attends the Annual Meeting needs to ask about oral RB and its effect of down regulating IL6. I have a feeling they'll answer these questions.

If you recall the PH-10 presentations and then the patent application, Per Dr Kruger, PH-10 down regulated IL17, 23 and others. What he did not say is that it also down regulates IL6. Because you can’t down regulate IL17, 23 without affecting IL6.







To me, PH-10 research opened up a ton of new science inhibition of IL6, 17, 23 related to numerous diseases. That patent request was packet full of information and data that most likely got a lot of minds thinking. And now we’re hearing about oral RB.  Hmm…

PV-10 is probably only a portion of PVCT’s worth.

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