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Re: Main Street, not Wall Street

Fascinating stuff, keahou, fascinating.  I'd run into the same situation a couple times a couple years ago. Too complicated for me to understand but a fellow poster who knows these in and outs explained it to me via PM.  It's some sort of set-up in the event of a last minute trade.  The Bid, when you placed your order, was .062 and, as you said, the Ask was .066.  Generally speaking, on-line market orders are filled half-way between the Bid and the Ask, (I know because I only use market orders) so the price you got at .064 makes sense.  The set-up (as it was explained to me) immediately popped the sp to .066.  There are people who know how to finagle the system to get such results.
Thanks much for bringing this to my attention.  And, thanks from all of us for your last minute buy which, after somebody else's finagling, got us that nice gain on the day.

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