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Re: Winner of Best New Concept Award

This award can only be viewed as a positive development that provides needed third party validation from a body whose qualifications & motives are indisputable. 
Having said that, it's unlikely the award will launch the proposed trial onto any kind of well-funded fast-track.  For example, here's a summary of what's happened with the proposal that won the 2014 'Best of New Concepts' award: 
“A randomised Phase2/3 study of infusional FU/LV with panitumumab V FU/LV/capecitabine with bevacizumab as first line therapy for never resectable, RAS and RAF wild type metastatic colorectal cancer.” 
- won Best New Concept Award in 2014
- a 2015 grant request to the AGITG Innovation Fund for $100k in funding was denied
- a 2016 grant request was successful, amount unknown
- pilot phase for MONARCC Study commenced in 2017
Here's a link to a summary of the trial, with centers located strictly in Australia: 

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