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Re: Winner of Best New Concept Award

  Not as I understand it. There was a competition in with several "competitors" created presentations. Looks to me like our guy proposed a P2 concept involving combo treatment for NET. What was the criteria the judges used to select our guy, we don't know. I would assume, that whoever decides to move forward with this P2, if anyone does, would benefit from having a "competition vetted" trial design.
There were several competitions. Each group appeared to have a different sponsor. The group that our guy competed in was sponsored by Specialized Therapeutics. For all we know, it's a for of advertising for ST in the same way PVCT used to sponsor events. Donate enough money and you get your name on the wall. But we haven't seen anything about anyone providing anything to PVCT in terms of trials, money or partnerships. 
With that said, Now they know we won. Eyes are on us if even for a second. But most importantly, IMO, is this: https://twitter.com/GICancer/status/1164414667231387650 
Dr Lordick will be providing feedback on the entry submitted by our guy. Dr Lordick  "is the president of the International Gastric Cancer Congress (IGCC) to be held in Prague in May 2019 and President of the International Gastric Cancer Association (IGCA; 2019-2021). In 2019-2020 he will be a member of the ESMO / ASCO Global Curriculum Working Group" a pretty heavy hitter in this arena we're playing in. 
Now, based on Dom's PR, we can all assume now that there's still more to come regarding sponsorships and whatnot. But the verbiage on the AGITG slide actually changed from the original verbiage and now says "Dr Mark McGregor received the Best New Concept Award for the concept 'A phase II study of oncolytic immunotherapy of metastatic neuroendocrine tumours using intralesional rose bengal disodium in combination with pembrolizumab', supported by Specialised Therapeutics.
Before is was "sponsored by" now the tweet says "supported by". Could just be a differ choice of words. Could be that ST played a role in the design of the proposed P2.
Either way, now no one can complain about Eric's terrible trial designs! lol  We can an award winning design with the help of an entire team. 

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