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Re: Valeura - Guest buying

Hi justasmuck - welcome back to where you once were. Took three years - but that's how she rolls sometimes. (I wish some of my poor choices recovered in such a Lazarus like reset! I truly have held onto some real turkeys in the mistaken belief that the company really had the goods.)
I shall have to check in with SkyPilot to see if he is still among the land of the living - and if he is enjoying the ride back to parity again? I had spent quite a bit of time in e-mails explaining why he should have exited when the SP flipped up to nearly $3 before the Devepinar News and Equinor news hit. 
The strange thing after all these years is both Valeura and the little company I represent on the oil and gas side are both chasing opportunity in the Gulf of Thailand with former Kris Energy assets. Valeura has gone big on the region - and I came in to solve a reservoir production puzzle and we will be nibbling very cautiously and trying something novel to the region. (What Kris Energy tried simply didn't work out for them in Cambodian waters.) 
I expect to be back in Phnom Penh and working on the onshore Permit Block VIII shortly. Hopefully we get the go ahead for the offshore Apsara production re-start too - but for now that does not worry me - I can happily wait to produce the remaining oil for when prices jump back over US$100/Bbl. once more... 
I too would be happy to see them drill their planned Hanoglu-1 deep Thrace well. I am not so certain about the Kesan formation at such depths - it is what happens to the Osmancik and Danisman (?) formations in the centre depths of the basin where they too may dip into the overpressured deep gas window! That is something I thought about back in 2019 and have wondered about ever since. It would be neat to see that concept tested out too. When they get running on all cylinders in the Gulf of Thailand - even with its rapid declines - they will be generating the cash flows to drill their own well in Deep Thrace - if they continue to be believers. 

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