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Re: What RECO found - P_H

The reports can be accessed here. 
There are links you can open in the news release on Stockhouse. 
This is the Horizon Mud Logging show reports - three main intervals. 
Some creative genius put the spot plate photos in a montage around the Jarvie well chart. 
This last is my montage graphic so far - digitally sampled from the Daniel Jarvie Cartoon plot - it is a work in progress as I have quite a bit more to add now and to fix.
I think there is a way I can work back wards from the reworked mud gas units into producing a synthetic ppm chromatograph log? (I cannot do this where the reported mud gas values are "0" though - ie less than 0.49 units? (Maybe I can but it would be a bit useless as that would be less than 49 ppm Methane - a value that is so vanishingly trivial it would be stupid to even bother? I believe atmospheric Methane concentrations are around 1,800 ppb = 2 ppm approx.)
As far as the oil shows in the drilling mud as anecdotally reported - I have been around drilling rigs for over 40 years and there are always gobs of pipe dope (grease) mixed in with the mud as it comes from the connections between lengths of drill pipe - this is especially noticeable after trips for downhole tools - but basically dope gets into the mud every connection. Other things I have seen often enough are slight leaks in hydraulic oil in the BOP's getting into the mud. Pails of diesel used to scrub grease and grime off equipment around the Rig Floor and over the mud tanks. (And getting into the drilling mud.) Drilling Rigs are absolutely full of potential for slight motor oil spills, diesel spills, hydraulic oil leakage, and grease ("heavy oils") contamination. Wherever I see oil shows - but no supporting rise in background mud gas values - I am always suspicious of leaks and contamination. And the levels of mud gas we are talking about here is extremely tiny. 1 mud gas Unit is 1 part in ten thousand - 100 ppm - 50 times the normal atmospheric concentration of Methane in places far removed from any possible contamination.
Typically you will never get any live oil show without a corresponding mud gas show. Where there is live light oil - there will be considerable wet gases too.
It is quite common to get a mud gas show with no corresponding live oil show. You get this from dry gas reservoir rocks, "coke bottle" gas in a water wet reservoir formation, and you get it from coal seams or high vitrinite content in shales and silts. 
But you never get any live oil show that does not have a mud gas show... Never! Even with a very very heavy dead oil - there is always a (subdued) mud gas response of a few tens of units - maybe more?
This is the odd thing about the Jarvie Report and the Horizon Show reports. They have "live oil shows" reported in zones that have no mud gas shows? And that is impossible when dealing with formation drill cuttings in the returning mud stream.
Note those few peaks of Mud Gas of 4-5 units. Those are related to Rig Down times or trips for downhole tools. They are not formation gas events. Even that 2 unit mud gas peak at 1650m is recorded as being a Trip Gas - and is meaningless from a formation evaluation perspective.

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