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Re: Most Recent TAT presentations

The Thrace basin has absolutely nothing in common with the Jonah field? Nothing!
The Jonah field is an exceptional phenomenon - and a very interesting one academically.
TAT are being quite disingenuous and there is nothing but empty arm waving in their analogy. So throw that analogy out with the Granite Wash one. The differences far outweigh any similarities. (The old Compare and Contrast exercise).
I didn`t know the Jonah story before this comment - however Google provides enough good links to to be able to dismiss this almost from the get go...
I had a close look at the TAT presentations and remain what i have always been - deeply and cautiously unimpressed. I am quite familiar with the Delvina asset having looked at that while working in Albania. The Bulgarian plays? No thanks. The East Turkey plays have some possibilities? There is oil and some analogues close by. The log data is interesting but it would be nice to have better scales? It looks like the one useful well log presented was from one using a salt water based drilling mud making some things difficult to guess due to deep invasion profiles. 
But overall there is nothing overwhelmingly interesting or compelling (to me) in their story that I can see? And there is a history with these guys that follows them like a fart stuck in their jeans?

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